Two Holes, One Round

The chance of actually sinking a hole in one are known to be relatively rare, and to actually capture two of those coveted babies in a single round of golf, probably sits in the range of about more than 60 million to one. It is the dream of every golfer to be able to say that they have sunk a hole in one at least once in their life and not just on the miniature golf course. It is certainly a story for the grandchildren and even if you’re just a leisure player, it leaves friends and family with the impression that you’ve really got some pro-level skills out there on the fairways.

Renaissance Golf Club

When JoAnn Kelly decided to take in a leisurely round of gold in Fort Myers, Florida at the Renaissance Golf Club she was completely oblivious that she would be able to mark this as one of the most outstanding games that she has, and perhaps ever will, play. JoAnn considers herself a very casual player, with a game on the links that most would rate in the average range, but she really loves to spend some time out on the golf course with her family. They’re all enthusiasts and for her, it’s an excellent way to spend some time together. Who doesn’t love it when the family all shares a similar leisure interest, especially when it’s something athletic and healthy?

Kelly regularly frequents the Georgian Bay Club in Ontario throughout the summer months and looks forward to it every year. On March 25th this year, on a visit to Florida, her game took quite a dramatic turn when she dropped a pair of holes in one, her first on the fourth hole with her drive and then again on the 12th hole with a 7 iron.

Kelly says she was surprised as she if really just an average golfer that hit a stroke of luck. She says this is a really good sign for women’s golf and believes that it is amazing that golf is a sport where you can experience one of these unique moments and feel like one of the pros.

No doubt Kelly will be trying to repeat her successful round at some point in the near future and who knows. Maybe if the winds are exactly right and the fairways have just been groomed in that perfect way and she prepares herself the kind of breakfast that maintains a champion level of focus, the golf ball has the optimal weight and the club feels like a perfect extension of her arm, maybe then, history will repeat itself and JoAnn will be able to tell a different story. This will be the story of her amazing skills in the game as opposed to one where she simply believes in the laws of luck because if this is something that happens to her twice, you can pretty sure that it wasn’t just a fluky scenario.

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