Top 8 Golf Courses

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach has been the number 1 golf course for a number of years. Here players will find 18 holes to play on a beautiful course surrounded by the Pacific ocean.

Pebble Beach

The course is an amazing meet with land and water and offers an amazing set of views that will take your breath away while travelling to your next destination. Pebble Beach will host their sixth U.S. open in 2019 with another U.S. armature event in 2018.

Pacific Dunes

Pacific Dunes has made it to our number 2 on the list today. This course offers a different feel to Pebble Beach, but also provides a whole range of amazing sites. This course is not surrounded by the oceans, but rather by sand dunes that create an amazing view of their own. The course is set high and a breath taking ocean view can be enjoyed at some of the greens. Pacific Dunes also offers a total of 18 holes that can be enjoyed.

The Ocean Course

The Ocean Course is definitely one for the bucket list if you have a great love for golfing, and even if you don’t you will still be taken by the amazing scenery that this course offers. Each hole has been designed specifically and offers a very interesting game with bunkers merging into sand dunes and waves breaking in the background.

Whistling Straits

This is a course that will test the best golfers in the world every day. At Whistling Straits you will find amazing views, big greens and weather that will change your game by the hour. The course is along Lake Michigan and runs alongside it for 2 miles. Beautiful views can be expected here, but be sure to bring the best of you along.

Pinehurst Resort

Pinehurst has made its way to number 5. The course offers a beautiful 18 hole with tall trees, sand dunes and a rather tricky course. All along each hole to the green players will find a number of grass covered dunes that can be rather tricky to get past, but an enjoyable game can definitely be expected.

Shadow Creek

At number 6 we have Shadow Creek. Many see this course as the best work of Tom Fazio. The course provides an amazing selection of dunes and amazing greens set in with tall trees. It doesn’t matter what type of golfer you are or what you enjoy most about certain courses, Shadow Creek should be played on at least once by everyone. Back in 1991 the course used to be private, but is now open to public.

Bandon Dunes

Some would way Bandon Dunes is not as visually appealing as Whistling Straits, but I would disagree to a point. The courses are fairly different and cannot be compared in terms of beautiful views. Bandon Dunes offers an amazing ocean view with wooden paths, small green trees and an amazing selection of dunes that lead you to the greens.

Erin Hills

Erin Hills goal course, just made it onto our list, which definitely wasn’t a difficult choice to make. The course was designed to host the U.S. open and provide and affordable and simple course. This is one of the best examples that mother nature is the best golf course architect. This is definitely a course to see and play, with massive dunes and beautiful display of flowers around the course.

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