Tips for Your Swing this Spring

Now that the snow (we hope) has finally stopped flying and spring is in the air, it’s time to get into the garage and move the shovels and bags of salt so that you can find your golf clubs and dust of some of the cobwebs so you can get out of the house after the long dreary winter and finally enjoy the weather.

golf Fairway

Of course, you may have had the opportunity to get out there already, depending on either where you live or if you were lucky enough to have had the chance to get away for a quick break in a tropical location over the cold season. Hopefully, at any rate, you’re located somewhere that the snow has already melted off the fairways and you’ll soon be ready to get into your first round of the season. If that’s what’s happening, or if you just want to take some prep time in advance to make sure that you’re ready when you finally do get the chance, there are some things that you can do right now to help you to put your best swing forward in the weeks and months ahead.

With or without a club, you can start to practice your swing to get the muscles in your arms, shoulders and back moving in that general motion. A chipping shot is a good place to start. This should see minimal action from lyour lower body and should focus more on the torso, hands and arms as you pull back to set up for the shot in a backswing motion.

A chip shot practice will help you to keep your concentration on the start of the backswing which will get you into the habit of doing this on a regular basis and create a natural rhythm. That can get you off to a great start for all of your shots as it is also a good way for players to improve their perception of angles. When you follow through on this swing, the motion should lead you back to the originating position and you should feel when you begin to shift your lead foot through the impact.

You should feel your hands cross the invisible line where the ball lays before the clubhead hits it. This will guarantee that you make a clean contact with the ball and hit it where you want to every time. Put your focus first on keeping your feet narrowly apart with more of your weight on the foot in front. Make sure the shaft of your club is leaning forward towards the target when you are setting up the shot. When you start your backswing, make sure that the club, arms and hands move together in a continuous motion away from the ball and you should follow forward to meet your original position before following through.

If you have a full length mirror, work on this indoors using a club or any other apparatus until you feel like you are being consistent. Then you can add cotton or foam balls to help you to sense the feeling of impact if you want as well. Continue to practice until you can feel, not see, that your patterns are habitual and thus you can break some of your previous swing errors or just freshen up after the long winter.

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