Pipe bomb found in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

A bomb has been located in Northern Ireland on a golf course recently and endangering the lives of not only people that might be playing on the course but also the environment and residents in the surrounding area.


The device was constructed in the style of a pipe and it was discovered in the early morning hours on the groomed green of Strabane Golf and Country Club in the County Tyrone, which is conspicuously located a number of miles away from the border that segregates the area inhabited by the those involved with the Irish Republic. The Police do not yet know who is responsible and they are relatively concerned by the randomness of its placement at the course due to the human traffic both on and around the golf course, including players, staff, spectators and people that happen to simply be in the region.

There is a theory of suspicion posed by a senior commander that the bomb was deliberately placed there in order to create the kind of situation where police would respond quickly to mitigate any potential injury and in doing so, would fall into a trap of the aggressors to launch a second attack against the police.

The inspector said that the device was constructed with the use of various pieces of metal hardware such as nails and bolts which were then encased with explosives to the metal pipe. He believes that police may very well have been the projected target but because of the location of the bomb, the threat was much greater to innocent parties and there was a great deal of potential for citizens to be injured or even killed by the explosion. He says that this represents violence towards the community regardless of whether the bomb was directly planned to harm police.

Police are calling on anyone in Strabane to come forward with any kind of information that they can offer to officials to help them to locate the culprits and bring them to justice so that threats of this nature can be thwarted in the future and innocent residents can remain safe at home and in their leisure activities.

Invariably, suspicion does fall on the usual suspects that can be narrowed to one of three different groups who are against which are the Continuity IRA, Oghlaigh na hEireann and the new IRA, and In recent weeks, there has been occasion with each of these different groups where attacks against police patrols have been launched, not only in Strabane but in other areas of Northern Ireland. In fact, less than a month ago, a homemade explosive device was detonated outside of a city cemetery along the Falls Road in west Belfast just as police were driving by the area. A young family that was in the region at the time of the explosion just narrowly escaped being injured by debris that was set off by the bomb and hit their passing vehicle.

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