Hilton Head Golf, South Carolina

Hilton Head has some awesome golf with a number of different courses all within a 20 minute drive of each other available for players of any level. Add to this some true quality restaurants as well as pristine sandy white beaches and competitive pricing and you have yourself an excellent golf vacation. It will suit both skilled or novice golfers and easy to access. While it is often perceived as a luxury destination, it really is well suited to a family vacation and has an easy going atmosphere and moderate pricing. It does tend to spike during the high season but that stands true with any similar destination.

Hilton Head Golf Club

It is geared to accommodate people of all ages, offering some night life for the younger visitors and quality cuisine at a number of excellent restaurants for people of all ages. The beaches make it perfect for kids and there is plenty to do for everyone.

Hilton Head has a price point that can adjust to most budgets with moderate to deluxe accommodations available at competitive rates. As mentioned the price does go up during the high season, so it’s best to try to schedule in the spring and fall although there are some fantastic all inclusive packages that are offered in the winter or summer. The weather will be perfect regardless of when you go with winter temperatures being about 60 degree Fahrenheit from December to February, increasing from there to make it rather comfortable for the beach and for fly fishing that happens all year round. By May the temperatures are in the 80 degree range and the summers are at about 90 degrees but the breezes from Atlantic Ocean tend to keep it cool enough to still be extremely pleasant. The summer is an amazing time to do some deep sea fishing there as tarpon are in season and they’re a prize catch. Once it moves into fall, temperatures will drop again to about the 75 degree range, making it the absolute best season to vacation in Hilton Head.

Hilton Head is very easy to get to whether you’re flying in or driving. It is only slightly north of Savannah, Georgia so it has access to a major airport and interstate freeways.
Once you’ve spent the days on the golf course, the beach or trying your hand at deep sea fishing, there is plenty to be done in the evenings to balance your day. Night life at the Park Plaza or Bar-muda Triangle night clubs are within walking distance of each other and are usually set up to provide a greta night of fun and dancing.

Cuisine ranges from pizza and beer to five star dining depending on your appetite and you can enjoy a variety of price points as well at places like the Alligator Grille, Marley’s, the Electric Piano, stages and more. Bar-Muda Triangle offers a cigar bar and boasts a patio as well. There are comedy clubs as well as jazz club such as Jazz Corner or Kingfisher.

On the whole, Hilton Head is not just a great golf destination with over 20 courses for one to test their skills on but it also offers a well-rounded experience for everyone in the family at a rate that is quite affordable.

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