Golf Club Guide

As one of the most popular games in the world, golf is played by people at all levels of skill and all price points and is enjoyed by all ages worldwide. Everyone can participate and enjoy this game and when preparing to take it up, knowing what to buy as equipment can be very helpful in making the very best of the experience within your budget.

What Clubs Do you Need?

If you can identify your skill level, you’ll be ahead of the game and knowing what you’ll need to improve your skills is essential. First you’ll need to know what you should have in your golf bag available for any potential set up on the fairway, the greens or the traps. The rules of golf limit players to 14 clubs in your bag through a game. A good standard set of golf clubs should include a driver, a 3 and a 5 wood, several irons from a 3 to a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter. As your skill level develops, you may choose to replace long irons with woods or hybrids as well as add speciality wedges, etc. All clubs within the set will fall within the four major categories – woods, irons, wedges and putter.

Golf Driver

Drivers are used for the longest distance, generally off the tee or on longer holes, through the fairway without the tee. The lower the number on the wood, the greater the distance one can achieve. This is usually the longest club in the bag, set on a long graphite shaft with a head of titanium or other lightweight material. The bigger the clubhead on the driver, the more forgiving it will be in hitting the ball in the center. Fairway woods include 3, 5, and 7 woods. As the number increases, so does the loft and thus the distance decreases.

Hybrid clubs are a cross between an iron and a wood and are shaped like the wood. The bigger head makes the centering more forgiving but it has the loft and distance of an iron.

Irons make up the clubs that range from short to long range shooters starting at about a 3 right through to the wedges. Again the shaft is generally graphite but the clubheads are heavier, smaller and flatter than woods. There are two different types – the cavity back and the blade. The cavity back makes for an easier shot and is recommended for beginners or those with higher handicaps and the blade is best for those with a great deal more skill.

Wedges are similar to the rest of the irons but are more lofted and will give you a high shot with some bounce to get one out of tight spots or to hit a short distance with a specific focus. The angle of the clubhead is very deep ensuring it will bounce easily off the ground for a smooth follow through and better targeting.

Finally, the putter is argued to be the most important club for any golfer. This club has a steel shaft and the grip is a bit more squared off. The clubhead is very flat and heavier than the other clubs. It will swing like a pendulum due the additional weight and allow a player to target his shot more accurately.

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