Cost of Playing Golf

It is the general line of thinking that golf is a relatively expensive hobby but the truth is that the sport can be as reasonable as one chooses to make it. If you can afford to go out and play at a course where the fees can run over $200 a round, that is certainly an option but there are many other golf courses out there that are set at much more affordable rates and golf can be as accessible to the budget conscious as it is to the big spenders.


Green fees differentiate from one course to the next and you’ll need to do a little research in your own area to see where they price point that you want is available. Some cities offer a number of public courses that are managed by the municipal parks and recreations departments and in other areas you may only find the more expensive, private clubs that are exclusive. Like anything, the market is highly relative to the demand in the area so the tourist based courses tend to target the more lucrative demographic.

Public courses tend to be in large urban centres where the population can sustain it and the tax dollar assist in supporting the administration of these facilities. These courses may not be as diverse or offer the same kind of amenities such as the social aspect of fine dining or added recreational perks but one can still play a challenging round of golf without breaking the bank.

Private country clubs can have fees that range right off charts which is, in fact, their intention. They want to create an environment of exclusivity and maintain a membership that seeks that out. These clubs will have pools and tennis and banquet facilities to encourage members to bring their families and use the facility in more social way and for longer periods.

There are also the resort clubs that are operated as a part of a vacation facility and may also be expensive if they are not used in conjunction with a vacation package. Even then, depending on the location, the course architecture and the demand, these packages may also be rather expensive and a luxury that is segregated to only special occasions and not more regular season play.

Once you’ve paid the green fees, the add-ons will often rack up more costs for players. Those who intend to rent a cart will have to dole out more money than those that choose to walk the course, although some courses will build the cost of the cart right into their fee for a round. Bear in mind, that at some course, tipping might also be expected if you are using a caddy or there are attendants in the locker rooms. This generally isn’t the case at municipal or daily fee course so you can escape that in those circumstances.

If you just want to get out to smack around a few balls without investing either the time or the money into a full round, one can always opt instead to head to a driving range or a practice park where you can choose to drive the ball, practice your chipping and putting with a cost of less than $20.

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