Golfer Plans to Make “Fab Four”

Throughout the history of the sport of golfing there have been three legendary golfers. Those golfers being Tiger Woods, Phil Micklenson and Ben Hogan. One new golfer plans to make the “Big Three” into the “Fab Four” though as Rickie Fowler has now one his fourth tournament in a period of eight months. His most recent tournament win in Abu Dhabi, one of the golfing worlds now most notable championships.

Rickie Fowler

This American golfer came out of no where two years ago, no one knew whom he was but in a short period of time he made a name for himself. His name was only further embodied into golfing legend as he continued to win championship after championship, Mr. Micklenson was even shocked when this child defeated him a number of times. The 27-year-old could very well be the next Tiger Woods, he is young and in his early prime, his efforts & skills on the grass will only continue to improve as he continues to play alongside the greats.

Unfortunately, it seems that we will never be able to see Mr. Fowler fend off against Tiger Woods as Woods, in his older age, can’t play the way he once used to. None the less the PGA Tour is in desperate need of a golfer whom can relay the same popularity that Tiger once did, this would allow for the tour to once again become a mainstream media event throughout the year. Hopefully the “Fab Four” becomes a reality in the future.

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