Nova Scotia Golf Course Stays Open!

Canada at this time of year is normally filled with snow, Canadians would normally be up in the morning shoveling their drive way just to get their cars on the road. This year it appears to be different, golfers in Nova Scotia are enjoying early fall like weather in the middle of December. The Eden Golf & County Club in Paradise, Nova Scotia has states that roughly fifty golfers are out on their course each day still.

Nova Scotia

Those whom are playing are most notably members of the club but now of them have even been people for Halifax or South Shore, just so that they can play some golf as well. The Eagle Crest Golf Course in Centreville on the other hand said that this week this averages one hundred and forty people per day. The Annapolis Royal Golf Club has only reported twenty golfers out per day for the last week of astonishing weather.

People believe that this is a fluke, the weather stream that Canadians are experiencing isn’t just a fluke but will progressively get better. Canada now goes up +4C every year. This means that their winters will become shorter every year, with less snow and cooler temperatures. Unfortunately, this is due to the polar ice caps melting, luckily though Canada is one of the few countries that’ll receive the least amount of damage from the causes of the impending changes of nature in the upcoming decades.

Canadians finally can rejoice, after decades of struggling with harsh winters they can have a break now!

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