iPing Launched on Apple Watch

iPing is the latest and great application of avid golfers on the Apple Watch. The golf equipment manufacturer known as “PING” revealed today that they’ve launched their latest application “iPing” onto the Apple Watch. This new application will offer a brand new workout for golfers, it’ll track fitness data in seconds, it’ll track vitals, and record swing tempo’s and provide on-course statistics. There is slated to be an update which’ll also have the watch provide “Tips & Tricks” on how to better your game.


Many sports analysts believe that this form of application has the ability to reach popularity around Northern America. They just can’t see it being done via the iPing Application. This essentially means that into the NBA, NFL, MLS, Premier League, MLB or any other major sporting leagues release an application such as this then there is a low chance that the Apple Watch will become famous for its fitness abilities.

There is hope though for those whom are confident in this technology. Nike is well on their way to creating a new version of this application which’ll provide the same abilities as iPing but will be available for an array of different sports. The rumored sports include soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby, football, tennis and volleyball.

This could revolutionize how Northern Americans & Europeans use fitness in their everyday lives. It would also allow for the Apple Watch & Android Watches to reach a new form of a popularity amongst the general public. Hopefully iPing will appeal to golfers and become popular on its own right as well.

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