Cambridge Golf Course Turning Into 45,00 Homes

The Saginaw Country Club Golf Course located in Cambridge, Ontario shut down unfortunately in 2015. This was due to a serious of payments that couldn’t be made by the owners of this course which in return caused for the golf course to be foreclosed. Over time as this large piece of land has just sat there with no activity. It seems this’ll all change as in the next upcoming years a total of forty five thousand low income homes will be built into that space.


Cambridge residents are already expressing their disbelief and anger towards the city of Cambridge council. Construction of Cambridge’s roads that has not been seen in over two decades is meant to make traffic far easier in the city. All of those efforts will now be put to waste with the inclusion of this forty five thousand homes. The reasoning for this is because it’ll mean anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 extra cars on the roads of Cambridge.

This new subdivision is also being built directly by a high school, one of the largest in the city. This could result in serious injuries towards students as well as a backup in traffic for whomever lives further down Saginaw Road. Unfortunately regardless of what Cambridge citizens want to do they won’t be able to change the mind of the council or Mayor Doug Craig. The council as well as Cambridge’s mayor have proven countless times over and over again that they care more for themselves than they do the citizens. This is to be expected though with Norther American Politicians.

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