PGA Tour Turns Back on Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is often considered to be the most famous professional golfer in history. This is because Mr. Woods brought a level of excitement to golf that had never before been seen. It was his energy on the field that drew in crowds, when he got angry and would remark with a swear word all would light up in shock. It was the combination of these two aspects that caused for major TV Ratings for the PGA Tour.


Unfortunately after a number of years where Tiger Woods has just been an average golfer, this being because of his horrible back injury that took place a number of years ago. The PGA Tour has turned their back on this beloved golfer as he is no longer considered worthy to play in the tour. This means that Tiger Woods is being forced out of his career early.

This isn’t surprising though as everyone has been expecting and looking forwards to this golfer returning back to his prime, providing exciting golf to be watched every week. It seems he could never fully recover from his back injury which is why golfers like Adam Scott and Justine Rose are taking the lead for the PGA Tour.
Regardless of whoever is the next famous professional golfer they’ll never be able to reach the mass amount of fame that Tiger Woods did, he will forever be remembered as the world’s best professional golfer. He still currently holds all of the records he won back in his prime.

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