Golf Owner Knee Deep In Crap

A golf owner in Southern California is now in a world of trouble due to issues with his golf course. After residents in San Diego smelt a foul smell coming from this golf course. It turns out that this horrific smell was due to the fact that the golf owner spread chicken manure all over the golf course. In return this caused air pollution, having this owner to now deal with paying a fine worth $100,000.

San Diego Country Air Pollution Control Unit

The San Diego Country Air Pollution Control Unit claimed that this also isn’t the first time that this smell has come from this disclosed golf course. Michael Schlesinger, the owner of this golf club was found with over five tons of chicken manure on top of the previous manure he had already spread. This amount caused for a month long smell to arrive to surrounding neighborhoods which in turn caused for hundreds of complaints from nearby residents.

The owner of this golf club has stated that he feels he has done nothing wrong and is more than happy to pay the fine. He also has noted that he’ll find another manure which better suits San Diego’s by laws. It’s clear that this man isn’t willing to stop harassing those who live by his club. This isn’t the first time that Mr. Schlesinger has acted in this manner, hundreds of home owners rallied against having this golf club not built. When tested this man paid off city officials handsomely or at least he was accused of doing so.
Law enforcement now are awaiting for a local resident to retaliate towards Mr. Schlesinger.

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