Golf Charity Raises Funds for Rescue Helicopters

Golfing is a sport that is tended to be played by those who are often retired, men and woman who’ve worked their lives and those who simply enjoy the sport. Many also use that passion to help with charitable events. This is why golf is considered one of the most charitable sports around the globe. Australia once again showed their willingness to be charitable as the Hamilton Island Golf Club held a charity for Rescue Helicopters.

The Hamilton Island Golf Club

An impressive amount of money was earned for RACQ-CQ Rescue, $30,000 in fact all within one day. This money will be put to good use in order to upgrade a series of helicopters and add new water lodges in order to combat against forest fires which are now becoming more common within Australia. The Hamilton Island Golf Club is also one of the most famous in Australia as it was designed by the worldwide famous professional Australian golfer “Peter Thomson”. The winning team, a group of four elder gentlemen were able to win this charity event and in the process donated a large amount of money towards the rescue fund.

The golf club has stated that they’ll be holding another charity tournament next month for the rescue helicopter squad in hopes of raising more money. Essentially this allows for forest fires to be protected and those in the middle of a fire, accident or any other unfortunate predicament to be saved in a short period of time. This fierce competition turned out to be an unforgettable one which left smiles on everyone’s faces after it was completed.

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