Golfing Losing Its Popularity in Canada

Golfing, a sport that is now a part of the Northern American culture is quickly losing its popularity in Canada. This isn’t surprising as sport leagues such as Major League Soccer, the Canadian Football League and the National Hockey League are the top contenders within this country. Golfing stood in its hay day when golfers such as Tiger Woods roamed the course, showcasing incredible skill but the Professional Golfing Tour rarely now comes to Canada.

golf Fairway

This has stopped wide spread growth of the game and has caused for it to become known as an old man’s sport. Golf courses all around the country have begun to be sold & used to real estate development or commercial development. Since 2001 the rate of popularity for this sport has dropped by 23%. This just won’t affect players & possibly cause for a relaxing sport to be destroyed in this red & white country but it’ll cause for an entire industry to fall. There are hundreds of golf courses which are losing profit, there are stores dedicated directly to golf related merchandise and plenty of golfing ranges which will eventually lose their customers as well.

The Canadian Government has been talking about presenting a new program which would have Canadian youth all around the country participate in an array of sports for a full weekend. This weekend program would introduce the youth to an array of sports in need of more popularity such as golf, tennis and a variety of others.
We shall keep you informed as to when & if the Canadian Government plans on doing this weekend sports program.

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