Woods Bringing

Tiger Woods is by far the most famous professional golfer known in the history of the sport. Unfortunately throughout the years he has become less famous and more hated amongst his peers or those who once idolized him. This isn’t shocking as he has cheated on his wife with multiple woman and can no longer play the sport remotely to what he used to be able to. This doesn’t mean that Tiger Woods still can’t help the sport grow in popularity as he once did years ago. This has pushed Tiger Woods to attend every PGA Tour Event as star power even though he isn’t playing, this time he is interacting with everyone he can in order to gain interest in the sport.


Mr. Woods is also considering running a campaign which would be highly publicized and take place at various golf courses across the country. This campaign will have Tiger play rounds of golf with various people, making speeches in honor of the sport and there will be various other events for people to enjoy. There are those who believe that Tiger Woods is considering this so he can find his own prodigy child and train them to become the image of himself on the course. This would allow for the name of Tiger Woods to live on in the PGA Tour after he is long gone.

There is no confirmation of if this campaign if 100% in effect but it’ll more than likely be happening in the upcoming months. It’ll be interesting to see if Woods created a prodigy golfer through this future campaign.

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