Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, a house hold name across Northern America has recently fallen off of the radar once again. It has been a number of years since we last seen Tiger Woods dropped off of the face off the Earth, the last time he did so he had just been caught in the media for the mass amount of woman he had cheated on with his wife. None the less after all of that he returned to the scene to be a professional golfer once again and it seems that golfing wouldn’t be his ticket to a happy revival in the media.


Tiger Woods eventually was forgiven for his actions towards his wife after a brutal divorce with Mr. Woods lost a massive amount of money to his now ex-wife. Unfortunately Mr. Woods has lost his game and he became horrible at golf, it became so bad that he put a major effort into impressing people which lead to him injuring his back seriously while taking a swing. The back injuries have only made him worse throughout the time since he injured his back. The media has stated from hidden sources that he had even begun to be crucified by the same people he had known for decades.

It appears that all of the rejection that Mr. Woods has had to deal with within the last decade has lead to him disappearing off of the media radar. No one knows where he is or if he will be returning to the golfing scene in the future. It’s doubtful, Mr. Woods is more than likely officially retired.

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