Dick’s Sporting Goods

Golf is a sport that is known by almost everyone across Northern America, Europe & Asia. Unfortunately it’s a game that isn’t played by everyone in these three continents, especially in Northern America. Today the United States based sporting goods store “Dick’s Sporting Goods”, a company which made a major investment on the golf industry more than a decade ago revealed that they’ve lost a major profit in the year of 2014 due to golf.


Their Golf Galaxy Division fell by 8.9 Percent this year which is a .9 percent more than what Wall Street Insiders had suspected. This doesn’t mean that this company will be losing anything in terms of their overall business, this year alone they were able to increase their profit by $100,000 plus dollars. Instead of making $1.4 Billion they were able to turn in a profit of $1.52 Billion in profit. This just means that the massive investment they made with golf more than a decade ago has barely returned & hasn’t made much profit.

None the less Dick’s Sport Goods has said that they are the leader in the golf sporting goods industry and that their loyal golf fans would be lost without them, for that reason they will continue to sell regular & advanced golf sets and accessories to their golf customers. We shall keep you informed if there is a spike in the love for golf which would in return create a much larger profit for Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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