Tiger Woods Cancels Series

Tiger Woods PGA Tour is a worldwide famous video game series that revolves around the famous professional golfers in the PGA Tour. Unfortunately it seems that Tiger Woods is pulling from this video game series as today he revealed that he will no longer have any connection to the PGA Tour Series and that his name will no longer be connected with the video game series either.

tiger-woods vg

This came as a shock to many insider analysts as Tiger Woods isn’t a good golfer anymore compared to some of the new young players in the PGA Tour. He doesn’t have any deals with Nike or any other brand after it was revealed he cheated on his wife with multiple woman and EA Sports, the publishers behind “Tiger Woods PGA Tour” was ready to pull his contract out from underneath his feet as well. After deciding they wouldn’t do so, a couple of years after it seems that Tiger Woods will be doing what they should of done years ago and end this golf simulator.

The Tiger Woods Gold Simulator will no longer be a reality but you can be ensured that Electronic Art Spots will continue to make PGA Tour installments, they’ll just never use the Tiger Woods name again which won’t prove to be an issue as the PGA Tour video game series itself is already a well known franchise that can bring in good profit without the help of the name “Tiger Woods”.

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