Tiger Woods Opening Restaurant

Tiger Woods, one of the most famous golfers known in history is taking on a new business venture. Mr. Woods is opening up a new restaurant within his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. Tiger isn’t just doing this in hopes to turn a profit but he is doing this to better the community of Jupiter. Alongside opening this restaurant dozens of new jobs will be created, it’ll bring more infrastructure to the surrounding area which in return will create more jobs.


This new restaurant will be 5,900 Square Feet called “The Woods Jupiter: Sports & Dining Club”. It’ll occupy one of the spaces in a new $150 Million Entertainment Complex in the city. There is no word as to when this new restaurant will open their doors for customers, though woods did say that it would be sometime in early 2015.

Tiger Woods might have his faults but he is a man that does everything he can for those less fortunate then himself. He owns the Tiger Woods Foundation which earns money for scholarships, it earns money for those less financially fortunate and it does so much more to help communities all across Northern America.

It seems that Tiger Woods is beginning to realize that he can no longer be the golfer he once was due to his back injury. This is why he creating new business ventures in which he can still earn more money when the time comes that he retires in the future.

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