Obama Admits Golfing Was A Bad Decision

President Obama, a President known for being skilled at a variety of different sports was said to have some serious trouble while golfing last month. President Obama took it upon himself to go golfing for the weekend after he publicly condemned the execution of a United States Journalist by the name of James Foley. Islamic Militants took the life of James Foley on video and then released it to the general public to see. It should be warned that watching this video is very disturbing and is not recommended to anyone.


President Obama, four weeks after he condemned the execution of this U.S. Journalist said that he realized he made a mistake. During an interview on Sunday with Meet the Press he stated “I Should have anticipated the optics”, the media is already having a field day on this one comment as people feel like this is a naive comment to make. None the less the President of the United States cannot give in to the demands of terrorists, he isn’t a savior but a war figure who must protect the country. Regardless if it may not be approved by other people.

President Obama noted that he believes that the press focuses too much on what he might be doing wrong and not enough of what he is doing right. That the press doesn’t take a look at the greater threat that he has to protect billions of people from. Clearly President Obama needs a vacation from everyone and everything, including the press.
Obama apparently didn’t do all that well when he was golfing that weekend as he knew of the field day that the press was having. None the less apparently he was able to get through the game without a negative score. Mr. Obama is an incredible golfer who has been able to compete on the course with golfers like Tiger Woods.

Apparently the Republicans weren’t happy by President Obama’s decision either but those Republicans don’t understand what it is like to constantly know that everyone in the world is truly judging you for every action you take, how can a man like that know what action would be approved by everyone.

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