Canada Ranked Second

Minjee Lee, a professional women’s amateur golfer was able to shoot a 7-Under 65 in her last amateur round. She took on various other golfers from around the world, including Su Oh. Su Oh played a 66, allowing for her to win the “World Women’s Amateur Golf Event” in Karuizawa, Japan. This allowed for Australia to comeback from a long losing streak in Women’s Amateur Golf. Minjee Lee is a Canadian based golfer meaning that Canada was able to place second at the golfing event.

Minjee Lee

Minjee Lee was seven strokes behind Su Oh of Australia. Australia was able to get a lead of six holes before the day was done. It was by far one of the most impressive rounds of golf ever played for the “World Women’s Amateur Golf League”. Matt Cutler, the Australian Coach and Captain stated, “We never thought that we’d be able to pull this cat out of the bag. It’s the fastest start that we’ve ever had at an women’s world amateur golfing event and I couldn’t be more proud of Su Oh.”

The eighteen year old Minjee Lee just turned into a professional golfer as on Monday. This was her last World Women’s Amateur Golfing Event, placing so highly is by far the perfect way to end off her amateur career. Minjee will be playing in the Evian Championship in France next week. She stood at the Number 1 in the world amateur ranking.
Canada was also able to rank second also thanks to Brooke Henderson, a sixteen year old individual who was also able to place nineteenth. Lee who ranked second place in the event said that without the support and tips from Brooke Henderson she wouldn’t of been able to win the second place. Brooke Henderson shot a 19-Under 269.

Henderson was also able to break a record at this golfing event. She was able to break the individual record of Lydia Ko, which was set back in 2012. Lydia Ko is ranked as the second best female golfer in the world. Brooke was considered to be a low amateur with possibly not much of a career in the future. Breaking this title will allow for her popularity to grow and her name as well.

Brittany Machand, another female amateur golfer for Canada was able to contribute to the final score of 269 for Canada. Adding a seventy two, Augusta James also helped with that score landing a total of seventy five. Each one of these girls will now be able to have a future as female golfers.

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