Back Pain Returns For Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is considered to be the world’s best golfer by the majority of people in Northern America. Even though he might no longer be the best golfer in the world he is by far the most famous golfer in the world. Tiger Woods has been in countless Nike Ad’s, he has appeared on talk shows, he has been in movies but most recently he has become more famous due to cheating on his wife with multiple woman. This story washed over Northern America like the demonic plague and it resulted in Tiger Woods staying out of the star light for more than a year. He eventually returned to golf just as good as he once was in his prime.

Tiger Woods

Unfortunately Mr. Woods is getting older and his body can’t keep up with the immense skill he has to offer. This weekend at the Bridgestone Invitational he was stricken with a bad case of back pain, on the fourth day of the tournament he was making horrible shots. Clearly a difference in his skill was obvious to everyone attending the Bridgestone Invitational. This resulted in Tiger Woods having to excuse himself for the rest of the tournament after only playing eight holes on the fourth day.

This is the third tournament that Tiger Woods has played since his back surgery and it is the first time that his back has failed him since the surgery. Tiger Woods has openly said that this is a major setback for him, he will be attending an appointment with his physician and will return to the circuit after a little bit of practice.

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