2 Sent to Hospital Over Golf Rules

Pennsylvania Police were shocked to say the least this weekend after two men who were golfing with each other were sent to the hospital after they fought with one another about the rules of golf. Even while these two men stood in the waiting room they still argued with each other about the rules of the game and nearly got into a second fight before police arrived on the scene.

Springdale Golf Course

These two suspects were playing at the Springdale Golf Course in the South Union Township this weekend. One man who was new to the game and had never learned the rules was playing like an amateur while his friend was an experienced golfer who knew the rules inside and out. The one friend knowledgeable with every rule of Golf started to lose his patience after the 5th hole, he grew tired of training his friend which amped a massive argument over the rules of golf. The two of them choose to agree to disagree and continued to play the game. The result was by the seventh hole the friend lost complete control of his emotions and begun to fight his friend. These men being 42 Years old and 63 Years Old.

Golf clubs were used as defence, both of them have a minor concussion and the 63 Year Old Male has been charged with assault for starting the fight. Both of these golfers are currently in Uniontown Hospital receiving medication and help for their injuries. We can confidently say that the friend has now been terminated.

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