Police Chase Car through Golf Course

A funny, yet serious police chase, occurred earlier on this week in Fargo, North Dakota. A suspect in a murder case took it upon himself to drive away from three police cruisers after they all tried to pull him over. The man responsible for this chase went through a Fargo, North Dakota driving range and golf course. He eventually eluded the police and drove away to a local mall. The police later than found this man and he has now been placed under arrest.

Fargo, North Dakota

It is funny to think about a police chase happening on a golf course but it is a serious issue. There could of been people playing at the golf course and those people could have been greatly damaged by the driver, a large amount of the grass on the course was destroyed due to skids and the cops could of hit a tree as the driver was clearly trying to get police to hit one of the many trees located on the course.

Tory Jacobson, one of the officers on scene said the following, “It is unbelievable to see that this man drove through such a public area. It would be like driving a car through a public mall. He could have killed or greatly hurt dozens upon dozens of people. I am just grateful that I and the other cops involved in the chase were able to capture him at the local mall before he could harm anyone else. If he had seen us coming you can be ensured he would have fled the scene once again.”

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