Everybody’s Jackpot Hit Twice In Three Days

Playtech continues to stand in shock as Everybody’s Jackpot, their most popular video slot continues to rise in popularity. During the course of three days this jackpot has already been triggered twice, showing that thousands among thousands of punters are playing this slot at various online casinos.

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The first time this jackpot was triggered this jackpot a lucky punter was able to earn $344,124 on his jackpot win. The punter when asked about his jackpot win did say this, “This jackpot win couldn’t have come at a better point in my life. I’ve been in desperate need to pay off my house and with this money I will now be able to do so, with whatever is left I will use it towards taking my first family vacation with my wife and two year old son.”

The second time that this jackpot was triggered a lucky online gambler was able to win $139,571. Within the course of two days $139,571 was able to be put into the progressive jackpot. Normal video slots with progressive jackpots take a long period of time to reach that amount, showing that Everybody’s Jackpot is by far one of the most played video slots online.

The second jackpot winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous to the media made a statement saying, “I’d just like to thank William Hill and Playtech for this opportunity, if William Hill had never licensed out the Playtech software I wouldn’t have triggered this jackpot. The money will be put towards my first car and first apartment.”

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