Pays $6 Million Paid To Kentucky by Rational Entertainment

Rational Entertainment, the owners behind famed poker rooms PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker announced today that they have finally settled a lawsuit they’ve been having with the state of Kentucky. Rational Entertainment lost the lawsuit, having to pay the Blue Grass State a total of $6 Million regarding a domain confiscation case.


This case has been in the courts for several years now, it began back when lawyers in Kentucky tried to seize the domain names that were owned by Rational Entertainment. The case became popular in the media and gained a lot of scrutiny towards Kentucky in the beginning years of this lawsuit. Kentucky stated that at the time they didn’t offer a legal online gambling industry and that Rational Entertainment was told to end all of their operations within the state of Kentucky. After Rational Entertainment didn’t respond to these requests the state of Kentucky took action.

Announcing the settlement, state Governor Steve Beshear said the following, “I will use the money that we have gained from Rational Entertainment as a rainy day fund for the state. You never know when we might be in need of a few extra millions regarding a case in the court of law, building a new school or any of the other operational costs that come from operating a state. I as State Governor want to ensure my citizens that this money will be used to beneift them and only them. We hope that online gambling become legal on a federal level as that means we will be able to create a legalizing online gambling industry and earn more money through tax revenues which can be used towards betting our state.”

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