Comic Book Shops Losing Readers

Comic Book Shops are slowly losing popularity which proves a major issue for Hollywood and multiple other industries. Comic Books have spawned off multiple movies in Hollywood, some of them haven’t been the best while others have become blockbuster sell outs that earn millions of dollars worldwide. Unfortunately the comic book industry cannot survive without their readers which would eventually lead towards the comic book artists no longer creating these wonderful pieces of art.

digital comics

While speaking to Digital Comics, a spokesmen said the following: “There are thousands of comic book shops all across North America, Japan and Europe. Artists from around the world create beautiful pieces of art in hopes that they will be signed on a contract with big comic book companies such as Marvel or DC Comics. If we don’t have the readers purchasing these comics then the stores will eventually shut down. This will result in Digital Comics, Marvel Comics and DC Comics eventually having to shut their doors.”

Recently Comic Book shops across the country have been shutting down due to the decrease in customers. This in return has meant that less comics are being purchased directly from the publishers which means that less comic book contracted are being signed with the artist. Essentially if those who love comic books don’t return back to the comic book stores eventually the industry will die off. Comic book movies, Television shows and video games will no longer be a thing which is why everyone needs to go down to their local comic book store and purchase a new comic book series.

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