Arrow To Become Action Packed In The Season’s Ending Episodes

Arrow is a television show produced by the CW Network, the show can be watched on the CW Network for American and the CTV Network for Canadians. The show tells the tale of Oliver Queen, a previous billionaire playboy who eventually gets stranded on an island after his father’s yacht crashes in the middle of the Atlantic. During the course of five years Oliver is trapped on the Island and returns back to his home town of Starling City. He then takes it upon himself to clean up his city of the gangsters that control it with his advanced skill in hand to hand combat and archery.


During the second season we learn that Slade Wilson is not only alive but has come to Starling City to avenge the love of his life, Shadow. Oliver Queen had a choice on if Shadow or Sarah lives or died on the Island, clearly Oliver chooses Sarah and it results with Slade Wilson going insane. Slade becomes “Deathstroke” and starting tormenting Oliver’s life. Last week’s episode showed Moira Queen giving up her lives so that her children could live, showing that she could do good before she passed on.

This week’s episode “City of Blood” shows an army of men controlled by Deathstroke and Oliver has to take down each one of them. The director of the final episodes for Season 2, John Behring commented on the season finale saying: “Arrow is about to become an action packed adventure that can take on the likes of The Dark Knight, Man of Steel and the Green Lantern. We can’t wait to see the reaction from our fans on these final episodes for Season Two.”

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